Five different hooks are available.  

1. Brass fixed hook, strongest and most resonant.

2. Brass open end, specially designed for woodwind instruments.

    More mass on the bottom and ring friendly design.

3 and 4.  Swivel brass hook, snap hook tested to withstand up to

   100 Kgf. Small and Large size.

5. Brass both ends have locking hooks.

6. Swivel plastic hook. Different design will be used for harness option.

7. Stainless double side hook. Small ans easy to chage the direction of a hook.


Slider (Adjuster)

We have three differnt sliders:

1. V shape large width

2. Wing shape medium width

3. Y shape medium width

All the sliders are made of solid aluminum and machined and anodized for maximum durability.

Very easy to adjust the height of instruments.


Design may be changed without any notice for continued improvement.