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Dual with Harness Option
Neck Pad2.jpg

Feather Dual strap can be used as a regular strap as well as a harness. Silicon Gel pads are placed where you feel the pressure.  Side webbing are connected to a hook or belt loops of your trousers.

You can adjust the length by a slider even it is used as a harness.

Your movement is not restricted as the front webbing connection is not fixed to the hook. Your neck feels ZERO pressure.

Patent Pending.

Side webbings are connected by a cord through the hook hole.

Dual without Harness Option

As a regular strap, Feather Dual is comfortable.  Gel Pads are placed where you feel the pressure most.  The round shaped leather strap distributes weight of the instrument around your neck, shoulders and chest. 

Dr. Brian Landrus
Assistant Professor of Jazz Studies
School of Music
California State University, Sacramento
Landrus with Marmaduke StrapS.jpg
 Dual II with or with out Harness Option

Tan Leather 2 pieces design. Comfortable with or without harness option.   

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